Meet the Mermaids

Meet Lilah


Returning to her Texan roots, after living in Los Angeles for a dance career alongside her university studies, Lilah decided it was time to dive deeper into her Pilates practice.  As a former ballet and contemporary dancer, she was accustomed to living in a frame of core strength, abundant range-of-motion and spinal articulation.  But after pushing to dance and live through severe back pain and bi-lateral neuropathy throughout her teens and early twenties, at the apex of the symptoms becoming debilitating and career stunting she finally received a diagnosis of congenital spinal stenosis ..turning to a chiropractor who employed Pilates and Gyrotonics in conjunction with yoga and neuro-kinetic functional medicine was beyond instrumental in returning her body to a habitable environment.  

“If I miss a day without my practices, I feel it.  I am forever in deep gratitude to the gift of movement that Pilates and Yoga continue to bestow in my life!”

All of this and more led Lilah to certifications in Power Pilates (r) Mat I + II, continuing as an apprentice in their Comprehensive Pilates Equipment program, yoga, a deeper understanding of the medicinal properties of an asana practice through Loyola Marymount University’s Yoga Therapy Rx program (the first in the world to be recognized as an IAYT certified program and Lilah being one of only 2 students to complete the intensive three-year track in 13 months), studies and apprenticeships in clinical Ayurveda and herbal elixir wildcrafting.

Today, she is passionate about contemporary global health and human rights and is dedicated to an immersive career within the wellness arts and outreach spheres.  As a Fine Arts Graduate and a Certified mind-body fitness instructor, a practicing artist and community activist, her longterm goal is to support human trafficking victim recovery efforts and youth aging out of the foster care system with donated time for creative direction mentorship, preventative holistic health care practices and melding the two through performance work that demonstrates the ceremony of nurturing oneself, the earth and global community.

Lilah has an infectious laugh, a healthy dose of barrier-breaking motivation and a heart full of gold-plated-willpower to share with her classes and clients as you reach for your mind-body health and fitness goals!