About ‘SUR’

Inspired by the constant longing to escape to the beach, Sublime Urban Retreat brings the relaxation of the tropics to the urban jungle of Dallas, Texas for a proper staycation.

The beach way of life is not compatible with perfectly-coifed hair, waist-shapers, or makeup lines. We worry about tan lines only around here! By offering an array of services that help to cultivate an individual’s natural beauty, we at Sublime focus on bringing about a sense of confidence in one’s self and encourage a sense of assurance in your own skin.  

At Sublime, your overall well-being is our top priority. We have homed health, beauty and fitness all under one roof. Regular beauty services and skin care treatments, in conjunction with proper nutrition and active lifestyle, are essential to preserving your best. We have seen that through the channels of beauty, nourishment, ability, and positivity you can shine as bright as the sun.  

We create urban mermaids. Our atmosphere and the experience provided is exclusive to Sublime. Our specialists are experts with years of trainings, knowledge, and certifications. We believe that just because you can, does not mean that you should. We are professionals in the services we specialize in and have come together to serve you. We love what we do and we love doing it for you.

Sublime is here for when you want to escape or to help you prepare for your next one so you can go bare and feel beautiful. Check on in and let us put you in a beach state of mind. It’s always summer at Sublime.

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